Jonker JS-MD Newsletter June/July 2020

Nach dem Treffen mit Katrin hat es die Geschichte nun in den offiziellen Jonker Sailplaines Newsletter geschafft. Habe die Ehre. :-)

Model Aircraft
~Manual Kuss~

Jonker Sailplanes is always proud to see the meticulously detailed work of model builders. Their exceptional craftsmanship is a true reflection of their passion.

A very skilled model builder from Germany, Manual Kuss, shared his model building experience with us:

Manual Kuss with his Model Aircraft mini-me pilot

„I picked up my JS3 Model from Ceflix at the beginning of November 2019 and my first flight (via F-tow) was on the 22nd of May 2020 at the airfield of the model flying group Welzheim e.V.

Incredible attention to detail

It’s difficult to say how many hours I spent on this project as I didn’t write it down, but many evenings and weekends were poured into it. Overall the construction time was approximately six months.

The model is delivered with the following work that still needs to be carried out; installation of all RC components (receiving system, servos and drive) and the retractable landing gear. Opening and fastening of the canopy. Mounting and linking of the rudder and elevators. All interior work and laying of approx. 20m of cable.

Katrin Senne’s JS3 martini paint design was the chosen paint design for Manual’s JS3 Model

Regarding the technology I use, I fly with „JETI Duplex“ as a radio system and have full redundancy with two receiver batteries (LiIon) and two receivers in the event of a malfunction.

A true likeness

The servomotors for the rudders are from the company „KST Digital Servo“ and have a positioning force of up to 43kg. A total of 11 servos are installed (2x elevators, 1x rudder, 1x tow clutch / wheel brake, 2x cloud flaps, 4x ailerons and 1x retractable landing gear)

Katrin Senne and Manual Kuss showing of their beauties

The JS3 has a front electric sustainer motor from the company „Hacker Brushless Motors“, however with a removable propeller the JS3 Model can also be a pure glider. A ground start is possible directly from the chassis thanks to the 12s LiPo batteries.

Showing how a Model aircraft is de-rigged

The JS3 flies great and has a very high speed ranging from 30 to well over 300km/h, and handles thermals very well. I have flown five times so far and now the settings, for example the EWD and center of gravity, are slowly fitting. So now there is nothing standing in the way of very long thermal flights (ok the weather maybe;))

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